Yoga for Busy People!
Yoga for Busy People!



Where the self meets the soul

Realtime Online Yoga offers private 1-2-1 and small group yoga sessions, online in Realtime with a professional yoga teacher. It’s Yoga for Busy People.

It is a scheduling system that allows you to schedule a yoga session into your week in the comfort of your own surroundings so you never miss your practice.

Scheduling a yoga session while you’re on-the-go enables you to stay in control of living a balanced lifestyle. With ever-demanding distractions and fast-paced lifestyles, technology allows Realtime Online Yoga and you to connect any place allowing Self to meet Soul.

Realtime Online Yoga is ideal for anyone but especially those who travel, live outside city centres or cannot make it to regular yoga sessions. All you need is an audio-visual digital device like your mobile or laptop, a good internet connection, yoga mat and a small space free from distraction and you’re good to go.

Sessions, packages & classes

Open all day Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Afternoon. Realtime Yoga offers:

  • Introductory Session

  • 45, 60 and 90 minute online yoga time-slots where you get personal attention

  • One-off sessions

  • Monthly Packages

    • 12 x 60 minutes private yoga sessions

    • 8 x 60 minutes private yoga sessions

    • 4 x 60 minutes private yoga sessions

  • Small Group Classes

  • Gift Certificates

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