What do I need?

A digital audiovisual device
A yoga mat
A clean quiet space away from distractions
Arrive a few minutes early to prepare your space

All you need is a digital device with audiovisual functions, like a mobile or cellphone, tablet, iPad, laptop or your desktop.

Grab your yoga mat and place it at a diagonal angle to your visual device. You will need a couple of metres at least to set your device from your mat so we have a good visual of your mat space.

Take a moment to create a calm space, for example, you could light a tea candle or a stick of incense or joss stick. Keep your space clean and comfortable and away from any distractions.

Notify anyone around that you are unavailable for the next 45/60/90 minutes as we need your complete and undivided attention. Make anyone in your vicinity aware that they will have your full and undivided attention after your session is finished as you will be calmer, grounded and more focused.

Please make sure pets and kids are out of the room. You may want to place a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.

Grab any props you feel necessary to use in your practice like a light blanket for Savasana.

Grab a glass of water with some squeezed lemon/lime to drink after your session.

Please make sure you blow out any candles on leaving the room once your yoga session has finished.

Wear comfortable clothing and yoga is practiced in bare feet.

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact/message/call to discuss any further questions you may have.