Yoga for Busy People!
Yoga for Busy People!

Melanie A.

“Over the years I’ve taken both group and private classes with Kat and she’s a yoga teacher that I have a huge amount of respect for. Kat is an amazing teacher with many years of experience, she’s incredibly intuitive and able to know exactly what her students needs are in any given moment. She knows when to move me forward and when to allow me to just ‘be’ and I know that i can trust her 100% to guide me through with patience and compassion if fear or doubt arises during a posture. Another reason that Kat is my go-to yoga teacher is because she is humble, there’s no pretence, no elitism, just a real down-to-earth practice and a genuine connection with the practice of yoga and her students. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
I moved to France and have been taking online sessions with Kat, I wasn’t sure how it would work out at first but it actually works really well. The quality of the connection has been brilliant and it’s as if Kat is right there in the room with me. I couldn’t be happier and I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to continue practicing with Kat even though i live abroad.”


“Some people are good at what they do and some people care about what they do, very rarely you meet people where both are part of their nature. With empathy, encouragement, patience and a sense of fun Kat has recovered in one of her older pupils a flexibility that I thought was lost. Yoga does really make a difference”

Sarah S.

“Kat creates a calm, supportive and encouraging environment in which to learn the practice of yoga. Her teaching style means you learn and improve each week and are encouraged to push yourself to try things you think you can’t do. Kats knowledge and positive teaching means that, over time, you manage to achieve those poses that seemed so hard at first. From attending the classes my core strength and balance have improved and I am grateful for the time yoga with Kat gives me to find peace and calm for myself.”